Plants along the La Gerche Trail

As you walk along the La Gerche Trail you will notice many interesting plants. Spring is the best time to see the widest array as many will be flowering. Some of the plants are not local to the area and have been planted over the years. Others are classed as weeds, plants growing where they are not wanted.

The photos below are labelled to let you know which plants are recognised widely as weeds  and which ones  have been planted (introduced). The introduced plants come from overseas and other parts of Australia. Many of the photos show the plants that are indigenous (local)  and grow naturally along the walk.

Our next project will be to include  photos of some of the birds and animals that may be observed along the walk. If you take a great photo and are happy for us to use it please let us know. At this stage we do not have photos of every plant you will see.

The photos are grouped with eucalypts and then wattles, next are the shrubs, then lower plants and ground covers. Ferns, orchids and grass and grass-like plants are next, then introduced plants and last are the weeds.