Calendar of Activities

Meetings are held at Federation University, cnr Gillies and Gregory Streets, Ballarat at 7:30 pm on the first Friday of every month except January.

*Field trips start from Federation University, cnr Gillies and Gregory Streets, Ballarat, at 9.30 am sharp on the Saturday or Sunday following meeting. Contact the Club for latest details if not at the Friday night meeting.  or 0408 353 671

It is club policy that excursions are cancelled if the day is declared a Total Fire Ban day in the Central Region.


April 5   Roger Thomas, Elspeth Swan, Emily Noble, FNCB club member: Keeping notes on nature.

*April 7 Sunday 1.30pm    Lakes Learmonth & Burrumbeet; Woowookarung RP John Gregurke and Marian Weaving.

May 3   Bill Reid, Castlemaine Goldfields: Ballarat’s golden mining history and present explorations.

*May 4  Saturday  Geology of Slaty Creek area, Creswick:  David Horwood, club member.

June 7     Grant Palmer, Federation University: Wildlife of the Otways and Ship-wreck Coast.

*June 9     Fungi Foray at Grams Rd Res. Smythesdale: Sapphire McMullan-Fisher FungiMap Mycologist.

July 5      Bill Elder, club member: Basic Insect Identification.

*July 7    Waterfalls of Hepburn Shire: John Gregurke, club member.

August 2      Elspeth Swan, club member: Northern Plains Grasslands.

*August 4   Linton Block & Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary: Emily Noble, Elspeth Swan and Paul Norquay, club members.  

September 6  Colin Cook, Friends of Brisbane Ranges: Phascogale monitoring project.

*September 8 Saturday   Velvet Daisy-bush monitoring for Threatened Species Day: Colin Cook, Friends of Brisbane Ranges.

 October 4    Dr. Amy Hahs, University of Melbourne: Making room for nature in our urban future.

*October 6       Wildflowers of Enfield State Park:  Emily Noble, club member

October 4-October 7  SEANA Camp hosted by Castlemaine FNC.

November 1  Stella Bedggood Memorial Lecture.                                                                  Craig Whiteford, Zoos Victoria: Zoos Victoria Threatened Species Program.

*November 2 Sat.   Riddells Creek bush reservesAndy Arnold, club member

November 17 Carlisle Heath Rob Lowther, Geelong FNC 

December 6    Greg Kerr, Nature Glenelg Trust:  Plugging a Gap:
Restoring Wetlands in south-west Vic.

*December 8, 1.30pm Christmas Break-up  La Gerche Trail & Creswick: John Petheram, club member.


February 7   Julian Di Stefano, Uni of Melbourne : Animal responses to fire

*February 9    Mt. Widdderin geology & Skipton Common: John Petheram and Emily Noble, club members.

March 6  AGM  & Members’ Images – “Not what it seems”.

*March 8 *leaving at 9am from Ballarat     Western Treatment Plant Birds:  John Gregurke, club member.

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