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Ingliston Gorge Walk

Earlier this month we went for a walk in the Werribee Gorge State Park and tried out the Ingliston Gorge Circuit walk. Is is classified as ‘moderate’ in the guide book to Melbourne’s Western Gorges which means it is an undulating, rough and sometimes ill-defined trail.  Continue reading


Exploring Werribee Gorge

Exploring Werribee Gorge 1836-2010

Often visiting an area is made richer if you have the opportunity to learn a bit about the place before you go. In 2010 the Friends of Werribee Gorge and Long Forest Mallee published Exploring Werribee Gorge 1836 -2010, written by two of their members, Judy  Douglas and Bob Reid.

This book is a fascinating collection of historical material that includes maps, letters, articles, reports and photos.  The Werribee Gorge has long been recognised for its significant geological formations but it is interesting to read the journey over the 150 years it took to be declared a State Park. Continue reading

Werribee Gorge

Werribee Gorge Excursion                                  Sunday 8th July 2012

The frosty morning cleared to a sunny day as 11 field nats joined leaders Elspeth  and Paul  at Ballan. We drove along Ingleston Road and parked at the rail crossing. A flock of Crimson Rosellas flew off as a train to Ballarat passed.

Our first walk was along the Western Bluff track on the southern edge of Werribee gorge State Park. Continue reading