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Naturalists at Narmbool

Seventeen Field Naturalists were treated to the expansive beauty of Narmbool, a 2000 hectare farmstead operated by Sovereign Hill and located South of Ballarat. Generations of graziers had taken advantage of the fertile pastures, which when enhanced with fertiliser, produced quality wool for sale in foreign markets. With the price of wool not being what it was and the change in management in 2000, the outlook for the sheep became decidedly more culinary than crafty. Being surrounded by prospective chops, loins, racks and shanks it is perhaps fitting that Narmbool is a local Indigenous word meaning ‘fatty liver’. This local foie gras once belonged to possums that gorged on the vegetation of the volcanic soils.


View of Narmbool Homestead

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Narmbool Forest Walk

View from Narmbool Lodge

On Saturday 20 August we joined a group who took up the offer of a walk in the bush at Narmbool. Narmbool will be known to some as a large property near Elaine that has an historic homestead. The beautiful homestead garden and buildings host weddings and other functions. The property was generously donated to Sovereign Hill by the Ferry family. Continue reading