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Mt Doran Recreation Reserve

The last site on the May excursion for most of us, was the old Mt Doran Recreation Reserve, which is a BEN (Ballarat Environment Network) Reserve. While is very good condition we did notice several mature sugar gums on the back fence and someone has been removing fallen timber. A member with access to a handsaw took the opportunity to fell an environmental weed, Sallow Wattle, Acacia longifolia. Mt Doran Recreation Reserve Flora

Three of us continued on to the Mt Doran Scenic Reserve and undertook some weed control on cape broom and bluebell creeper.


Mount Doran the hill without a view

In Lal Lal State Forest off Flagstaff Hill Road and up a short steep track, is Mt Doran. Before you get too excited there is no view from this mount. It is quite a rocky site and a keen eye noticed a parson’s band orchid.There were also large patches of Pultenaea pedunculata so this site would be worth visiting in the spring. Mt Doran flora list

On top of Mt Doran

A cleared area on top of Mt Doran

This week we decided to carry out our plant observations closer to home and headed for the Mt Doran/Lal Lal area. There are lots of Sun Orchids and Wax-lips out and it also appears to be a good year for Beard Orchids, as well as we saw several as soon as we got out of the car. Continue reading