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Lal Lal and Moorabool Falls

If you didn’t make it out to see the Lal Lal Falls in the last week, here are some photos from Friday.  There were lots of people looking at the water today.

Not everyone knows about Moorabool Falls and they are smaller than the Lal Lal Falls but close by.  It is a bit a a walk to get to them, but if you park in the carpark in Harris Road and take the scenic walk you will be rewarded with plenty of views and you may spot a wallaby or two.


Lal Lal Falls Update

New vista after pine tree removal

There has been some activity at the  Lal Lal Falls picnic  ground recently and the old pine trees have been removed. This has really opened up the vistas to Mt Buninyong and Mt Warrenheip and there is more of a sense of what the area may have originally looked like. As it has been a wetter

Lal Lal Falls late November flow

season, water is still flowing over the falls.