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Lal Lal Reserve

There is still plenty to see at Lal Lal Falls Reserve if you decide you want a walk. There is no water going over the falls but still some in pools in the creek. The kangaroo grass is looking great and gives a light orange tinge. Some patches of native grass have been left un-mown in the public area which I like to see. The Hairy Anchor Plant has already dropped its seed and looks healthy despite its dry position on the bank. The clustered everlastings add a bright colour to the slopes and the scenery is still spectacular.



Autumn at Lal Lal Falls Reserve

A view towards Mt Buninyong

Autumn is the time for burning and recently part of the Lal Lal Falls reserve was burnt by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI).

The vegetation community on most of the reserve is Plains Grassy Woodland which is listed as endangered and the occasional burns help to manage the grassy tussocks and other grasses and open up inter tussock spaces. Continue reading