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A walk in the sunshine

About thirty people turned up for the walk in the northern end of Canadian Forest today. We enjoyed a stroll through the bush looking at various sites related to the Cremorne Rifle Range and then onto the site with the tree ferns. There were a few fungi to see but not many flowers. We finished the walk which was led by the Friends of the Canadian Corridor, with a cup of tea and some fruit cake. We noticed the colourful heath on the way out of the park.

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Canadian Forest plant list

Canadian Forest plant list compiled by members of Field Naturalists Club of Ballarat.

247 species.  December 2014.  * Introduced species

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A new plant found in Canadian Forest

Last spring, while setting up photo-point monitoring sites in Canadian Forest, I noticed an unusual pea, without flowers, in a patch of remnant bush. It looked like a flat-pea but not Common Flat-pea Platylobium obtusangulum – the leaves were smaller and rounded. Research showed it was similar to Victorian Flat-pea Platylobium alternifera found in the Grampians. Continue reading