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Blackwood Fungi Excursion

As the fungi season approaches we look forward to where we will be led on an excursion. This year it was back to Blackwood and some of the tracks accessed from the carpark near the Garden of St Erth. Here are a few of the many fungi observed on the day. We thank Carol for this selection.


Blackwood Fungi Excursion

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The Field Naturalists Club of Ballarat visited Blackwood on 7 June 2015 for their annual fungi excursion. Leader Les identified a large variety of fungi for the group. Photos: Val Hocking, Ian Ashton and Ambika Bone

Blackwood Fungi list June 9th 2013

Fungi List Blackwood June 2013 Continue reading

Plenty of Mosses on the Whipstick Loop Walk at Blackwood

Mosses make a miniature garden

On Saturday after a trip to Trentham to hear a great talk about Tawny Frogmouths and other birds of the night, we stopped in for a short fungi foray at Blackwood. The club has over many years visited Jack Cann Reserve at the end of  Simmons Reef Road to check out a range of fungi in winter. We usually go in June or July. It was too early and possibly a bit dry for the great array we usually see but there were a few.

We ventured along the Whipstick Loop Walk only a short way as the whole walk takes about 2 hours and we didn’t have that much time. It is easy to find the walk as it starts in the Garden of St Erth carpark. There is a good information board at the beginning indicating some of the local history and some other boards at points of interest along the way.

White & Blue Mineshaft Information Board

The first part of the walk leads you down into an area with a variety of ferns and very tall candlebarks. You could almost be in the Otways without having the long drive.  The mosses on some of the stumps are beautiful. It is well worth allowing a fair amount of time to do the loop walk and you can reward yourself with a cup of coffee at St Erth at the end.