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Clarkesdale and Field Nats

On 3 September about 30 Ballarat and Geelong Field Nats met up for an excursion to Clarkesdale at Linton. This is a favourite site for birdos and there are always an interesting selection of birds to see. When the ‘bird paddock’ was first planted out many native plants were included that were not local to the area but provided great bird habitat and food.

Finding history in Creswick State Forest

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s excursion which looked at some of the remnants the gold mining days and forestry history. Some of us hadn’t visited/noticed these particular areas before so it was an eye opener. Next time you are out in the forest take a closer look. This forest was very popular on the weekend, with campers, a four wheel driving club, people fishing and looking for gold.


Fungi in the Fog at Mt Macedon

Our June excursion was to Sanatorium Lake at Mt Macedon. It is quite a while since we ventured to this area as a club and there were a large variety of fungi. The foggy surrounds added to the atmosphere and despite an interaction or two with leeches,  it was well worth the trip.

Excursion to Eganstown and Basalt/Werona area

new dam wall at St George's Lake, Creswick

new dam wall at St George’s Lake, Creswick

Eleven members joined the September excursion which began at St Georges Lake, Creswick. It was cool with a chilly wind as we walked down the new pathway to inspect the big engineering changes at the spillway.

An impressive amount of rock and the excavation of 20,000 cubic metres of soil has produced a new spillway to replace the old compacted earth wall. According to the Parks Victoria’s website, the new wall removes the risk of the old wall failing during future heavy storm events. The ability to walk over the new dam wall is retained so visitors may still complete a circuit of the lake if they wish. Continue reading

Winter-flowering Orchids

Field Naturalists gathered at Dereel Hall on a fine Sunday morning.  We headed for the bush in Swanson Road to shelter from the cold wind. The sandy soil supported a woodland of Manna Gum Eucalyptus viminalis with a heathy understory. Continue reading


Blackwood Fungi Excursion

This gallery contains 14 photos.

The Field Naturalists Club of Ballarat visited Blackwood on 7 June 2015 for their annual fungi excursion. Leader Les identified a large variety of fungi for the group. Photos: Val Hocking, Ian Ashton and Ambika Bone

Mt Cole Excursion

We travelled up the Main Mt Cole Road, stopping soon after entering the forest, to look at the large area that has been invaded with agapanthus. It is the largest patch I have seen in a bushland area. At the junction of Main Mt Cole Road and Camp Road we inspected Mount Cole Grevillea Grevillea montis cole growing along a graded road edge. In this wet area the forest of Eurabbie Eucalyptus globulus bicostata and Messmate E. obliqua is tall and straight. Sweet Bursaria Bursaria spinosa was a common shrub and Cut -leaf Daisy Brachyscome multifida crept through the grasses. Continue reading

SEANA Camp 2015

Field Naturalists’ Club of Ballarat hosted the South East Australian Naturalists Association autumn camp at Pax Hill. We had seventy guests from 15 Field Naturalists Clubs around Victoria. Visitors came from Portland, Hamilton, Warrnambool, Timboon, Geelong, Donald, Castlemaine, Bendigo, Broken Creek, Upper Goulburn, FNCV, Ringwood, Latrobe Valley and Sale. With our own members over 80 people were present for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings. Thanks to all the members that helped in so many ways to put an a great weekend for our visitors. Continue reading

Excursion to Enfield

Victoria Dam, Enfield Forest

Victoria Dam, Enfield Forest

Our last excursion for the year was to Enfield Forest. This is a brief summary of the afternoon as a longer report will be in the February newsletter. We entered the forest from Ross Creek down Post office Road into Victoria Road and past the trail bike car park. Continue reading

A step back in time

Creeping Grevillea

Creeping Grevillea

The November excursion was changed to the Wombat Forest area in the hope of seeing more flowers as reports were that Mt Beckworth was too dry. The first stop was at the site of Wombat Station (Rocklyn), where there was once a thriving gold mining town. We parked on the site of the platform. All that is present now is a rotunda built by the Great Dividing Trail Association (GDTA) and a track that follows the rail line. One of the attractions is the deep rail cutting. Continue reading