Putting the shine on La Gerche

We held our final excursion for the year in the Creswick area yesterday. The first stop was at the indigenous area that is part of the Park Lake Botanical Reserve. Most of us were unaware of the existence of this area. We were met by Kevin and Rosemary Tolhurst and were led on ‘an indigenous walkabout’.

The history of the reserve dating from 1869, was outlined by Kevin and then we investigated the replanting of the northern end of the reserve and learnt about the ongoing restoration plan and how the plantings are laid out. Thanks to Kevin and Rosemary for taking time out of their weekend to show us around.

It is interesting to see the variety of native grasses and other plants are gaining a foothold on the harsh site. The plantings have been chosen for the site with care and most are making good growth.

Then it was around the corner to the old Landcare Centre where we carried out some basic maintenance on the La Gerche Track. Our club has been associated with this trail for a number of years. The track is closed for walking due to damage to several trees in a recent storm. The landcare trail is open. We were briefed by a Parks Victoria ranger on how to safely undertake the proposed activity and set to work after a cuppa.

The activity involved cleaning the signage and replacing signs where needed. Some of the plants are labelled and as it is a while since the name plates were attached some adjustments were needed. Plants such as the introduced Kunzea ericoides, Burgan, that were encroaching on the track were trimmed and we added a few plants to our flora list. After the equivalent of 18 hours of voluntary work we retired to the old landcare building for a picnic tea and a chat.

Here are some photos of the landcare centre gardens that are usually not open to visitors but may be glimpsed through the fence.

It was a very pleasant way to finish the year and we thank Parks Victoria for the use of the facilities. Further information and history of the La Gerche Track may be found on our blog here.


2 responses to “Putting the shine on La Gerche

  1. N P among Vanila Lilies Cres Forest.jpg

  2. Relaxing afternoon and good report thanks.

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