Nature Notes

Keeping a nature diary or record of when one sees the first Nodding Greenhood Orchid  or hears the magpies singing in the middle of the night has a long record and many field naturalists will have their own records or books by other naturalists.

One of the second hand books that I was given years ago is ‘A Bushman’s Year’ by Jack Hyett. It was published in 1959 and is a journal of what to see each month in the bush in the Yarra Valley. The introduction is written by Alan Marshall and the section below seems particularly apt when listening to RogerThomas who spoke to our club recently.

“There was a time when a Nature Notes column was a feature of most newspapers. Nowadays, alas, they seem to vanishing and with them that learned man to whom you could send a strange spider, unfamiliar insects, the description of a bird and have the creature name and explained to you in his column.

You did not know the man to whom you wrote, the editor of the nature notes, the person who is teaching you to understand the Australian bush and its inhabitants. You were quite certain that he lived a magical life, roaming the bush in the spring, watching the flight of birds on lonely swamps when autumn sent them flocking, bending to look at wildflowers that must surely grow in profusion in places known only to him…………..”

Some notes from Roger’s talk will be publish here soon.


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