Flora and fauna records matter

Bushy Clubmoss

It is sometimes handy for Field Naturalists and others who are interested in the natural environment to have a list of plants and animals for a place they are visiting.  Such lists are also useful for ecologists and students who are working on projects in particular areas as it gives them a heads up on what to expect or look for when they are surveying an area.

The Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) has one of the most rigorously vetted databases, the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (VBA), and has recently added a website that is available on a smart phone, so you can quickly add an observation or see a list of what plants may be in the area near to you.

VBA Go is a website so works on any connected device. All you need is your mobile phone and your existing VBA login details if you are already registered or you may need to first sign up to the VBA here.

The Victorian Biodiversity Atlas database allows you to download species lists as well.  Sometimes there are only a few records for an area but information needs to go into a database before it can come out.

We may be one of the few groups visiting certain reserves and our lists then become a valuable resource. Citizen scientists can contribute a lot in this space. The other important factor to remember is that while old records are useful it is very important to have recent records especially for birds and animals.


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