Digital Resources

Jacky Winter

Jacky Winter

At our club meeting on Friday night mention was made about the recent SWIFFT video conference.  It was all about new digital resources such as databases  where you may add your own sightings, projects,photos or chat with others interested in biodiversity. If you have records why not add them to a database where they can contribute to our knowledge of our local biodiversity. It would be a great place for your field reports.

The Atlas of Living Australia is a collaborative, national project that aggregates biodiversity data from multiple sources and makes it available and usable online. Add your own citizen science project to the project finder to help people to find and connect with your project.

There are several ways for you to participate in citizen science: Add your sightings of plants or animals directly into the Atlas of Living Australia or contribute your sightings to one of the many citizen science projects currently happening in different areas of Australia.

If you have skills in identifying organisms, why not join BowerBird and help other people identify their sightings.

Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity (VVB) – a place to discover and share spatial information on Victoria’s environmental values, conservation activities and research. VVB is a community resource and welcomes your feedback, input and contribution. VVB brings together existing environmental datasets and information created and managed by government agencies, organisations, community groups and individuals.

Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (VBA)The VBA is the web-based information system designed to manage information about wildlife in Victoria. The system includes species attribute information, including origin and conservation status, along with more than six million records of species distribution and abundance from systematic surveys and general observations.


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