Reviewing the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

Glossodia major Wax-lip Orchid

Glossodia major Wax-lip Orchid

The Victorian Government is reviewing the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988, a key part of Victoria’s legislative framework for the protection and management of biodiversity.

The Act’s objectives aim to conserve all of Victoria’s native plants and animals.

The Act establishes a range of mechanisms to achieve this objective, including:

  • listing threatened species, communities and threats to native species
  • requiring an overarching strategy for Victoria’s biodiversity
  • enabling the declaration of habitat critical to the survival of native plants and animals
  • placing a duty on public authorities to have regard to the objectives of the Act in their operations
  • requiring permits for activities that could harm threatened plants and fish and communities.

Over 700 species and communities and 42 threats are listed under the Act.

The Act has not been significantly amended since 1988 and approaches to conserving biodiversity have changed over the years. The impacts of climate change may also require a rethink of conservation strategies.

The review will ensure the Act provides a modern framework for biodiversity protection and management in Victoria and strong and effective protection for Victoria’s native species and important habitats.

If you have an interest in this process you may like to make a submission. Consultation is open until 5:00 pm Monday 13 March 2017.


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