Canadian (Woowookarung) Regional Park – Monitoring Vegetation Change

Some examples of Photo-Point data  –  recorded in Aug-Sept 2013 & 2016.
See Map of approximate positions of example sites on last slide.
The 5 examples are drawn from 17 sites recorded by the Field Naturalists Club of Ballarat.

Example one – 2016 shows much improved soil cover, with many native tree sedlings. But also vigorous English Broom seedlings, which may grow to dominate this site unless controlled.  This is a Ballarat Council road reserve, and contrasts stongly with intact native forest on the northern side of the road.


Example two – 2016 shows improved soil cover, with good regeneration of Eucalypts & Blackwood, and numerous Cassinia arcuata shrubs.


Example three – 2016 shows heavy invasion of Gorse, English Broom and exotic grasses, with some sedges and Cassinia arculeata. This is wet site in a natural drainage line.

Example four: – 2016 shows fairly well improved soil cover, with a mixture of invasive weeds (Gorse) and native shrubs (mainly Cassini arcuata and a few Blackwood ree seedlingsSlides4aPPT14LookingSouth.jpg


Example four: 2016 show good soil cover with mainly Cassinia species and a few Eucalyptus seedlings. The large tree is a Blue Gum – remnant from the plantations harvested in 2011.
Slide7BriefComments after2016Recording.jpg

Many thanks to Colin Hancock of Ballarat Bushwalking and Outdoor Club for help with photography and GPS work. We were able to return to within 1 metre of the marker pegs at 16 of 17 sites, after 3 years.

Slide8MapShowing5 sites.jpg
Photo below shows bushwalkers (BBOC) passing through very weed infested area near powerlines in SE Canadian in 2015. Burgan and English Broom seeding heavily.

Walkers in Boome weed invasion Walking through Broome and Burgan Canadian Dec 14.jpg


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