Beacon Hill temporarily becomes bare hill

a bare looking hill

Today two field nats ventured out to a popular haunt being Beacon Hill   and found that the beacon is no longer there.


Last time we were there as a group we noticed is was being vandalised and no slashing had taken place. Now it looks like the hill will return to bush. It would be good to set up a photo monitoring point to track the regrowth.

now historic view of the beacon

now historic view of the beacon


One response to “Beacon Hill temporarily becomes bare hill

  1. Was this Beacon Hill used as a landmark by trainee RAAF pilots in the WW2 I wonder? In November this FNCB member recently ran an outing to Signal Hill near Dunkeld, which apparently had that same purpose.

    The story is that “Signal Point was named during WW2, when a local called Davey Dean used to cycle 70 km from Halls Gap to maintain a “signal arrangement (perhaps carbide lamp) on the peak” on top of the peak for the RAAF!”
    This is hard tale to take, as it took our expedition 8 hours to get up and down Signal Point on foot. Photos available. ADoes anyone have further information?

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