Field Reports June 2015 Meeting

Elspeth  told of a large group of Pretty-mouth Fungi on Mt Hope in Wombat Forest.

Paul’s lemons have been zested again by Ring-tail Possums nibbling off only the lemon peels. Mid-May, he spied a large owl, probably a Powerful Owl judging by its wingspan as it flew away from its vantage point on a grape vine trellis post.

In early May, John M saw the first pair of Pied Currawongs he has seen at his place in Wendouree in the eleven years he has been there.
Andy Arnold was thrilled to see young regenerating South Esk Pines, Callitris oblonga subsp. oblonga, around a large old tree near ZigZag Track, Cataract Gorge, Launceston.

Steve S reported finding a rare mineral in a road cutting through Mt Cole.

Margaret  enjoyed a flock of a dozen New Holland Honeyeaters feeding in a Hakea and Tree Lucerne in her Nerrina Garden. A Grey Shrike-thrush was also seen.

Wayne  was surprised to observe a Ring-tail Possum in Camp St, Ballarat, and was excited to identify a Rose Robin in one of his old photos at Lake Burrumbeet, another new species for the area.

John G counted 12 species of birds along the Leigh River and cricket ground at Shelford on June 5, and 60 Banded Stilt at Lake Burrumbeet on May 28 after a report of a much larger number had been received. John also found the Spiny Pimelea Pimelea spinescens which is classified as Critically Endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, flowering in roadside grassland on the Mt Mercer-Shelford Rd, the site of the largest surviving population.


Spiny Pimelea

Pimelea spinescens




Emily  observed that Striated Greenhoods and Mosquito Orchids are currently flowering, with Trim Greenhoods, Emerald-lip Greenhoods, Dwarf Greenhoods, Gnat Orchids and Helmet Orchids likely to be flowering in time for the July field trip to search for winter-flowering orchids in Dereel.


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