Field Reports May 2015 Meeting

Peter M sadly described finding an electrocuted Antechinus in his toaster at Enfield.

Crimson Rosellas are enjoying the apples in Margaret T’s front garden at Nerrina.

Jane M spotted a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles flying over Main St in Creswick – they have been regulars for months. Jane also had the good fortune to see a beautiful, large Wanderer Butterfly in her Creswick veggie patch, feeding from the basil flowers along with about 10 other insect species.

Andy A noted extensive wind damage to trees in the Upper Loddon (Box) Forest, presumably by the same wind-storm that caused substantial damage to many mature trees along the Midland Hwy between Eganstown and Daylesford in early March.

Emily N reported two sightings of a male Red-headed Mouse Spider probably wandering around looking for a mate (which can be 3 or 4 times the size of the male) on her block in Scarsdale. Apparently their bite can be very painful but not deadly, which isn’t surprising when you see the size of their fangs. She also talked of a very small plant she found in Dereel in October 2014 that has just been identified by Melbourne Herbarium. It is a Pygmy Clubmoss Phylloglossum drummondii, never recorded in Dereel before, and not recorded anywhere in Victoria since 1983.

John G observed about 30 Red-necked Stints at Lake Burrumbeet on 23rd April, about one quarter of them developing breeding plumage, red under chin and on their back. He also saw his first Flame Robin for the season at Racecourse Point.


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