A day in the life of a rakali

CaptureAt our last meeting some of us had a chance to view some great photos of a rakali (Hydromys chrysogaster) at Lake Wendouree, taken by Carol. You may know this animal as a water-rat but the  term rat seems to make people think it is a pest. Due to recent ‘incidents’ at the lake we would like to promote the use of the name rakali for this native rodent and help to stop them being attacked.

Open this link on the SWIFFT website and see the presentation that Carol has put together. (Carol Hall retains the copyright to all the photos). Rakali are easily distinguished from the introduced rat by the white tip to their short tail. Rakali are native animals and  are protected by Victorian legislation.


2 responses to “A day in the life of a rakali

  1. How do i encourage this animal so i can get video and photos. It lives in Parma creek on my property

    • Hi Kim
      they are quite shy animals but if you plant local native plants along the creek and perhaps add some fallen branches or a few flat rocks on the edge of the creek the rakali may come out to eat its food. Not sure what else to suggest other than excluding stock from the creek

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