Tree Goannas and other sights from Gippsland

Tree Goanna and Red Wattlebird

Tree Goanna and Red Wattlebird

While having lunch at Cape Conran in Gippsland last week, we observed a lace monitor or tree goanna. Red Wattlebirds had been catching insects using a shrub as a perch, when suddenly they went in warning mode and began dive bombing something behind the barbeque, it was a goanna. It was a great chance to observe the goanna up close noting the distinctive yellow stripes as it decided to head for the cover of the bushes. Much to my surprise I managed to get one photo that included the wattlebird .

Another interesting incident  at Cape Conron was the use of a remote controlled octocopter by some researchers from Monash University. Not sure what they were investigating but a series of numbered boards had been placed along the shoreline and the aerial device was being flown above them.

Here is a tiny selection of other sights from East Gippsland


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