Wildflowers on show

Gang Gang Cockatoo in a Cherry Ballart at Halls Gap

Gang Gang Cockatoo in a Cherry Ballart at Halls Gap

Thirteen Field Nats and family ventured up to the Grampians on Sunday 5 October.  Peter kindly offered to to organise and drive the bus which was very generous of him. The first stop was the native wildflower show at the Pomonal Hall.

The stage was a mass of daisies and looked spectacular and colourful. The rest of the hall was filled with examples of what may be grown in the Pomonal area and was pretty impressive as well. It took sometime to look at all the flowers and it was hard not to envy those who had the opportunity to have success with such a range of plants.

After taking in all there was to see including purchasing some plants and books, taking some photos and catching up with a few familiar faces,  after a quicklunch we took advantage of a chance to view one of the two local gardens that were open as part of the event. This garden was well worth the visit as many of the plants viewed in bottles in the hall were growing in the garden.

It was then onward to Halls Gap. There was a display of wildflowers and a few other activities in the gardens but nothing like the big displays that were held in the past in the hall. A few of us took a short walk out the back gate along a path following the creek. This gave us a glimpse of the local flora and a chance to observe gang gang cockatoos in a cherry ballart.

After a look at  the display of historic photos  in the main hall and a wander along the main street  it was time to head back to Ballarat.

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