Ingliston Gorge Walk

Earlier this month we went for a walk in the Werribee Gorge State Park and tried out the Ingliston Gorge Circuit walk. Is is classified as ‘moderate’ in the guide book to Melbourne’s Western Gorges which means it is an undulating, rough and sometimes ill-defined trail. 

In one of the photos below you may be able to see why it has been necessary to recently update the trail markers. A fair amount of water goes down the White Horse creek and trees have been washed out.  The trail  was relatively easy to follow but the surface is rocky so one needs to fairly sure-footed.

Access to the walk is from a carpark off the Ballan-Ingliston Road with easy access from Ballan. There are 2 walks to do and in the past we have only taken the shorter Sloss’s Gully walk.

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The views are interesting and the terrain quite rocky and steep in sections. Make sure your camera is secure or you may have to scramble down a slope to retrieve it. Red stringy bark, grey box and iron bark eucalypts are the main trees and there is a paucity of understorey on the rocky areas.  There was a glimpse of an eagle taking advantage of the updraft and festoons of Clematis microphylla were also a feature.

We didn’t see and orchids except some leaves but we did see two men who appeared to have a collection of picked orchid flowers. Going by the cameras they had, one would have thought there should be no need to pick the flowers, it is after all a State Park.


One response to “Ingliston Gorge Walk

  1. Helen Schofield

    I hope someone spoke to the orchid-pickers about not disturbing flora and fauna! It is hard enough for orchid flowers to reach seeding stage, with natural grazers like roos and choughs around, without human interference as well. Lance Breguet and Helen Schofield (GFNC, ANOS Vic)

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