A stroll in the sunshine in the Brisbane Ranges NP

Sunshine highlighting a grass tree

Sunshine highlighting a grass tree.

It was a lovely afternoon for a wander in the Brisbane Ranges which is a favourite haunt for field naturalists. We headed down Farm Track and into Spring Creek Track and back to the car via Reid’s Road.

There were several orchids, Tall Greenhood, Nodding Greenhood and an Emerald-lip Orchid. One plant on the side of Reid’s Road we didn’t want to see was the introduced African Weed Orchid.

Golden Wattle, Myrtle Wattle and Rough Wattle lit up the bush. In areas where there has been a fuel reduction burn quite a few grevillea seedlings were noticed and along Reid’s Road, Grevillea steiglitziana, Brisbane Ranges Grevillea, was beginning to flower. Click on one of the photos below to have a closer look at some of what we saw.

If you want peace and quiet then Farm Track wasn’t the place to be as several trail bikes were doing a similar circuit to us only more than once.


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