Early Fungi

Hypholoma fasciculare

Hypholoma fasciculare


With below average rainfall for the past seven months I was not expecting to find many species of fungi when I went for a look in the Wombat forest near Korweinguboora recently, but I did find some interesting species. The first fungi I noticed was an grey-black Enteloma in a fallen log that was half rotten away. These were mature specimens with pinkish spores from the taller one partially covering the cap of the lower one.


One species that occurs early in the season is the Austropaxillus infundibuliformis. This species has yellow funnel-shaped cap with an inrolled margin when young. The forked gills are decurrent, running down the stem.


The beautiful Marasmius elegans was the next species seen. The orange caps were up to 25mm across, supported by a slender two-toned stem,white at the top and red-brown below.

2 responses to “Early Fungi

  1. Cheryl Vawdrey

    Is there a guided tour identifying fungi coming up in the Ballarat area? I can’t see where to contact your club with general enquiries. Cheryl

  2. Cheryl, you will find details about our club under ABOUT US , and events under CALENDAR. Our next meeting is on June 5th and fungi excursion on Sunday 7th June 2015

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