Autumn at Lal Lal Falls Reserve

A view towards Mt Buninyong

Autumn is the time for burning and recently part of the Lal Lal Falls reserve was burnt by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI).

The vegetation community on most of the reserve is Plains Grassy Woodland which is listed as endangered and the occasional burns help to manage the grassy tussocks and other grasses and open up inter tussock spaces.

leaves of Salsify

leaves of Salsify

One of the plants that seemed to appreciate the burn is salsify or oyster plant as there are quite a few narrow straplike leaves appearing. While checking out the burn we also visited the Hairy Anchor Plants which are still persisting in their enclosure. It is also one of the places to see the native raspberry which is growing up between the prickly anchor plants shrubs.

Hopefully when it comes time to spray the large clump of blackberry that the native raspberry doesn’t get sprayed as well. There was no water flowing down Lal Lal Creek so no water in the falls yet.


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