Sunday at the Racecourse

We visited the Morrisons Racecourse Reserve on Sunday. This is a 30Ha reserve of plains grassy woodland, managed by the Ballarat Environment Network.

It is open to walkers only and most of it is flat with a small mound in the middle. We saw a large mob of eastern grey kangaroos who bounded off into the distance not liking the intruders.
There were gunshots in the distance but hopefully someone was only shooting rabbits. The reserve is in very good condition from a vegetation point of view with hardly any weeds. The kangaroos are obviously keeping the grass growth down but it would be interesting to see a bit of patch burning.
Parson’s Bands were few and far between and the only other flower sighted was a yellow star. A visit in the spring is recommended as there will be patches of matted bush pea and snake wattle in flower. Just outside the reserve I spotted a seedling tree violet and then noticed a few adult plants.
It is a long time since the club visited this reserve and I have photos from September 2007 when we found golden moth orchids. If you are interested in a list of BEN Reserves then try this link. There is a bit of the history of this reserve and if you visit you will see that some of the posts still exist from the racecourse.


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