Creeping around the forest

Banksia marginata flower

Banksia marginata flower

Creeping Grevillea, Grevillea repens which is endemic to Victoria and listed as rare was sighted off Camp Road in the Wombat Forest recently. It flowers from November to February but no red flowers were present.

The Silver Banksia, Banksia marginata was flowering with the lovely short yellow heads. Both these members of the Proteaceae were growing in the same area and as it was on top of a small hill, the banksia was a shrub rather than a small tree. It was reassuring to see some seedling banksias as well.

The trigger plants had well and truly finished but some button everlastings were still flowering as were a few trailing goodenias. We were surprised to see a few plants of necklace fern given how dry it has been.

A moth was too quick for me to get a proper look at it but it did have set of magnificent antennae and tuft of orange hairs.


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