Excursion to Durham Lead

The December 2013 excursion on Sunday 8th was an afternoon event and saw members head towards Durham Lead meeting a few extras at Buninyong so 15 arrived at Pioneer Lane where Crimson Rosellas flew across the road. 

Jeanette escorted us around her property along paths she had mown to make it easier for us to walk.  A lot of work had been done to maintain it in a natural state and we were able to walk through kangaroo grass observing a number of native flowers and plants.

John recorded a comprehensive list of observations which is provided separately and so only a few of note will be given in this report.  One flower that engendered much discussion was the button everlasting.

Gathering to to some plant identification

Gathering to to some plant identification

On someone commenting it was a Helichrysum, Paul observed that the name had changed and that it is now Coronidium scorpioides.  This generated a bit of comment and quite a few efforts at pronunciation, spelling and recall as a specimen was passed again.

Being December many anticipated that there would be little flowering but there was plenty to see with Wahlenbergia, Bossiaea, Onion Orchids, Goodenia and more as can be seen from John’s list. There were trailing shaggy peas which Jeanette said a week before were covered in flowers.  Tiny blue butterflies flitted around adding to the beauty.

Next it was through the fence to a nature reserve which went between the property and Peers Lane.  Here there were many tree stems on the ground and Blackwood Wattles had seeded everywhere amongst Broad-leaved Peppermints.  There were a few flowers on the ground but also some blackberries.  In a gully Les found little bracket fungi on a tree trunk and Choughs flying overhead added their melodious calls.

Climbing through the fence again it was back to a covered area behind Jeanette’s home to glimpse an Owlet Nightjar which had taken residence above a light and could just be seen hiding in the framework.

Heading into the Durham Lead ReserveAfternoon tea was taken on the Pioneer Lane before heading to the two hectare Durham Lead Public Recreation Reserve down Quartz Lane.  Wallabies bounded away as we made our way through different species of grass observing common Bird Orchids, spent Sun Orchids with seed pods amongst Scentbark, Broad and Narrow-leaved Peppermints and Manna Gums.  There was a delicate Necklace Fern in an overhanging rocky area but no sign of the tiger orchids that had been there ten days previously.

We then went to the Buninyong Gardens to share a picnic evening meal together before the day wound up.  We were pleasantly surprised to have seen so many plants still flowering in December.

Thanks to John for organising and reconnoitring the excursion and to Jeanette for leading us around her property and the adjacent reserve.  John has provided a comprehensive list of species observed at the different locations.

Excursion report by Peter Dalman



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