Christmas Day in the Bush

Nolan's Picnic Ground

Nolan’s Picnic Ground

This year we decided to go to the Wombat Forest for Christmas lunch. Nolan’s Picnic Ground sounded like a good spot and not too far to travel. Taking back roads we only had to cross over the Daylesford- Geelong Road and not risk the Christmas lunch rush. It turned out to be very pleasant with the creek flowing past, a few fish to be seen in the shallows and the ferns looking very green and healthy.

On the way there we stopped to see what was flowering on Cairns Road. Since the hot weather has been slow to appear there is a lot in flower. I have never seen a potato orchid other than in a book, and we found one that had just about finished but was still recognisable. A landholder near Korweinguboora had sent me a photo of one to identify about a fortnight ago so I was half expecting to see one.

There were lots of bluebells and even a white one. Triggerplants in various shades of pink everywhere and trailing goodenia. Blue pincushions, small poranthera, native oxalis, vanilla lilies, violets and button everlastings added to the display.

The bird orchids has just about finished and the stems are elongating as the flowers go to seed. The highlight were the tall fringe-lilies and twining glycine.


One response to “Christmas Day in the Bush

  1. Good photos! Also some plants I didn’t know to look for -such as the potato orchid and the bird orchids…thanks for the heads-up on these. Lisa

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