Concerns raised about our Parks

As mentioned at a recent meeting of the Ballarat Field Naturalists there are concerns about what is happening on various fronts in our parks and reserves.

You may be interested in reading about some of the concerns expressed by the Victorian National Parks Association. Some the issues are the burn targets and fresh water ecosystems to name only two.


One response to “Concerns raised about our Parks

  1. In an area of the Barmah National Park that the BCFNC intended to visit in October , a burn was carried out a few months ago. Not only was a rare pocket of Exocarpos cupressiformis, the Cherry Ballart , wiped out , the bulldozers have carved out a tangle of tracks which must encourage erosion come the next flood .It was an area I have camped in for 30 years , birdwatching and relaxing with friends .Now the new tracks have encouraged the motorbikes and 4WD’s to the detriment of the ecosystem.The cover to allow the local mob of Eastern Greys to access the river is gone and I haven’t seen the Swamp Wallabies since .Parks Victoria contracted this work to outside tenders as they have no manpower of their own due to budget cuts ,yet are still forced to find areas to burn —lunacy !

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