Only the observant!

Garden Skink excreta

Garden Skink excreta

Having only taken a cursory interest in animal droppings until Tanya presented a talk to our group called ‘the bush detective’; I am now trying to be more observant.

Last weekend I came across the excreta of the common garden skink. I am not going into the

Garden Skink enjoying the sun

Garden Skink enjoying the sun

details of why I am so sure that is the reptile it belonged to.

Lizards only have a single opening for both urine and faeces, the cloaca. The white part is urea crystals and the black is the faeces.


4 responses to “Only the observant!

  1. Lovely! You certainly were in the right place at the right time then! : ) I have shared your post on my Nature Questions page…

  2. It would be more helpful to photograph the other side of a coin to make it clear the size. Is this a $2 coin?

  3. It is a $2 coin. The ridges on the edge are the same as a $2. Go check your coins.

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