On top of Mt Doran

A cleared area on top of Mt Doran

This week we decided to carry out our plant observations closer to home and headed for the Mt Doran/Lal Lal area. There are lots of Sun Orchids and Wax-lips out and it also appears to be a good year for Beard Orchids, as well as we saw several as soon as we got out of the car.

Purple Beard Orchid

After many years of visiting this area we had never driven to the top of Mt Doran, so we decided to add that to our list of places to see. There are no views from the top of Mt Doran but the roadside to get there had lots of pea flowered shrubs such as Golden Bush-pea, Pultenaea gunni and Matted Bush-pea, P. pedunculata, Ivy-leaved Violets, Pink Bells, Trailing Goodenia and Guinea-flower.

The eucalypts are under attack from the cup moth larvae and there is the constant sound of something softly falling from the leaves, presumably fertiliser. Mt Doran Road is worth a visit to see the above listed flowers as well as Chocolate Lilies, Tall Sundews and Trigger-plants.


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