A nest without a bird

A trip to the Brisbane Ranges on 6 October rewarded us with a big range of plants in flower. One of the highlights for me was not actually a flower but a fungus. I had only seen it in a book before and as is often the case one gets the wrong idea on what size to expect in the wild. They were very small.

Bird’s Nest Fungus

Thanks to our eagle-eyed fungi expert picking up a small piece of bark for a closer look, we saw the bird’s nest fungus. It looks like a tiny nest with eggs inside. The “eggs” are called peridioles and are dispersed out of the “nest” by the action of raindrops. The fruiting bodies are about 6-8mm across and look hairy on the outside.

Blunt Everlastings having a confused day

The blunt everlastings, Argentipallium obtusifolium were not quite open but one patch looked like it was have a hard time deciding in which direction to grow.


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