Wax Caps

Species in the Wax Caps Hygrocybe genus are generally brightly coloured. The gills are usually widely spaced and have a waxy feel. One species changes colour from green to red as it matures. . Image

I saw this Wax Cap Hygrocybe growing on moss covered tree trunk near the Creepy Crawly Walk in the Mount Field NP in Tasmania.Image

This Wax Cap was seen in the Wombat forest near Cairns road in early June.  It was quite small. The cap was about 15mm across and  the stem about 20mm tall. It was  among moss on the ground.


The colour of Hygrocybe cheelii can vary from the pale mauve specimen seen in the Wombat forest to purple, like the one I saw growing among grass on an oval.


I saw this Mauve Waxy Gills Hygrocybe lewellinae specimen in June 2010 in the Wombat forest. I have only ever seen this one specimen.


The Field Nats saw this species Lemon Wax Cap Hygrocybe chromolimonea on our fungi excursion to the Wombat forest in early June.


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