Fungi photo hints

A few props help to get better fungi photos

Club members had a great time in the forest around Barkstead  on the weekend looking for fungi. I was bemoaning the fact that we couldn’t find fungi a few weeks earlier around Blackwood but after  a good shower of rain there are now plenty to see.


One thing about going out with a group is the wealth of expertise in various subjects and having all those extra pairs of eyes certainly helps in spotting fungi.

Crepidotus nephrodes

Using a mirror to check the underside of a fungi

We had Geoff Lay with us and he is keen on fungi and photography. He  suggested that having a small block of wood (or a small tripod) to sit the camera on and setting the camera timer, allows us to get better photos as it avoids camera shake.


He also uses the bladder of an empty wine cask to shine a bit extra light on the subject.  It is also good to have a small mirror so you can see what the gills look like as this assists in identification.



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