Pseudoscorpian, another beneficial arachnid

This tiny arachnid appeared the other day. Arachnids have four pairs of legs, no wings, two body sections and clawed jaws. (I didn’t think to look at the jaws). We think it came from inside the house. I thought it was a young scorpion but where was the stinging tail? One of the benefits  of the internet is that you can type  in the question “scorpion without a tail” and the answer is “pseudoscorpion”.



They are also known as a false scorpion or book scorpion and belong to the same class as spiders, ticks, scorpions and mites, arachnid.

According to wikipedia, pseudoscorpions are generally beneficial to humans since they prey on clothes moths, carpet beetles, booklice and ants. As you can see in the photo when compared to a ring they are really small and would go unnoticed.

Pseudoscorpions are found over most of Australia. They prefer the seclusion and safety that can be found in leaf litter, under bark or under rocks. At present there are approximately 150 species described in this country, but the actual number is undoubtedly higher. taken from –


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