The Basin Picnic Area, St Arnaud

If you are looking for a place for a break when driving beyond St Arnaud then try the picnic area south of the town, just off the Sunraysia Highway. It is much more interesting than the way side stop and if you have some time there are several walks to do.

According to the colourful information board St Arnaud was one of the first Victorian towns to have a town water supply. The water was gravity fed from Teddington Reservoir to the Black Range Reservoir which is now known as the Basin.

This week the Box-

Goldfields Grevillea

Ironbark forest was a mass of yellow, gold and white flowers. Rough Wattle (Acacia aspera), Goldfields Grevillea (Grevillea dryophylla), Cat’s Claws Grevillea (Grevillea alpina), Pink Bells (Tetratheca ciliata), Cypress Daisy-bush (Olearia teretifolia) and Gorse Bitter-pea (Daviesia ulicifolia).


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