Rise and Shine Nature Conservation Reserve

Yellow Box

If you follow the Natural Newstead blog then you may be enticed like us to visit this reserve for yourself. Located on the Clydesdale – Sandon Road south of Newstead. There is a small picnic shelter with seating if you want to have a cuppa before you  take the sign posted self guided 3 km walk. We were there in late August.

Walk notes may be downloaded from the internet but there was a good supply in a small box at the start of the walk. This is a great place to visit if you are interested in birds, plants and history. There was a lot in flower including yam daisies, several types of orchids, grevilleas, wattles and running postman. We took about 2 hours to complete the loop while honeyeaters and other birds flitted through the canopy above our heads.

The photo of the yellow box, Eucalyptus melliodora, gives a good indication of

Running Postman

the spiral grain in the trunk, which according to the notes makes the wood not good for building and hard to split.


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