NatureShare home page

At last there is a user-friendly web-based site where we can enter all the plant, fungi, insect and animal lists we have been making over the years as we visited various parks and reserves and other areas. Lots of people make valuable lists of information and up until now haven’t had a quick and easy way to make it accessible to others.

The site was launched on 14 August in Melton to a wide range of people interested in the natural environment. Even prior to the launch those chosen to test the site have been adding their records and have added to the range of where some plants and insects were previously recorded.

NatureShare is interactive, open source and built using free software. We are able to add Victorian remnant vegetation, local native flora, fauna and weeds. It is not for recording revegetation or garden plants. Behind the scenes there are many databases that contain information and photos of fauna, butterflies, dragonflies, moths, grasshoppers and spiders to name some a few.

It is easy to add plant or animal names either using the scientific or common names, we can link our list to the site where we saw the plants or animal using Google maps. We need to add a few other pieces of information to help build the database and if we have taken a photo that may be uploaded as well. If you don’t have a photo then chances are that some else will have added one to their records and it is then available for everyone to use.

This is the chance for us to share our information, have a look at the site, create a login name and start adding some of your lists at


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