Cork Oaks

Cork Oaks in Victoria Park © FNCB 2011

Recently on a drive around Victoria Park, Ballarat, I was shown a small group of cork oaks, Quercus suber. They are not the biggest cork oaks that you will see in Ballarat but are still interesting for their bark. I hadn’t paid attention to them in the past but recently a lot of work has been done to improve the safety and security in the park and this has meant a fair bit of work on the trees. In some cases lower branches have been removed and the park is now a bit more open and there are a lot of new views.

Close up of cork oak bark © FNCB 2011

Victoria Park has many exotic trees but the patches of native grassy woodland are of particular interest. In the late spring it will be a mass of chocolate lilies and milkmaids and well worth a visit. The plains grassy woodland remnants are valuable as a reminder of what used to cover the plains, as Ballarat continues to expand.


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