Gold in the Brisbane Ranges

Golden Grevillea © FNCB 2011

Spring display © FNCB 2011

If you drive through the Brisbane Ranges National Park on the way to Anakie, at this time of year you will see the beginnings of the spring flower display. It is mostly shades of yellow and gold highlighted against the blackened eucalypt trunks. On Sunday we stopped for a short time to admire the flowers along a track leading from Butchers Road carpark just off the Ballan Geelong Road.

Dusty Miller © FNCB 2011

The main flowers were Myrtle Wattle, Acacia myrtifolia and the Golden Wattle, Acacia pycnantha interspersed with the white of Dusty Miller, Spyridium parvifolium. The Golden Grevillea, Grevillea chrysophaea was looking especially stunning and we also noticed Common Hovea, Hovea heterophylla.


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