Linton Trust for Nature Block Working Bee

The August excursion to the Trust for Nature Black at Linton was a working bee to repair fences and control weeds and pests.

Many trees had fallen during the wet, windy weather following the prolonged dry period. The trees that had crashed onto the fence lines were removed and fences repaired.

Rabbit burrows were located, entrances blocked and fumigated with gas producing tablets. The block has little weed invasion but patches of thistles and other weeds were dug out.

Fumigating Rabbits © Carol Hall

Sheep had entered the block through damaged lengths of fence and left evidence of tracks, grazing of grasses and faeces but were not sighted until just before lunch. After lunch they were located and the hundred sheep were returned through the damaged fence which was then repaired.

A variety of plants were being found in flower.

Hedge Wattle Acacia paradoxa © Carol Hall 2011

Four Wattles were flowering – Silver Wattle Acacia dealata, Spreading Wattle Acacia genistifolia, Myrtle Wattle Acacia myrtifolia and Hedge Wattle Acacia paradoxa.

Common Correa Correa reflexa © Carol Hall 2011

The Common Correa plants,  Correa reflexa, growing on the block have large, strongly coloured flowers.

Buds were seen on Black-anther Flax-lily Dianella admixta, Gold-dust Wattle Acacia acinacea, Thin-leaf Wattle Acacia aculeatissima and Golden Bush-pea Pultenaea gunnii subsp. gunnii.  

Male Scalet Robin © Carol Hall 2011

With everybody carrying tools rather than binoculars bird numbers were few. Several pairs of Scarlett Robins were seen. White-winged Chough, Grey Currawong, Australian and Little Raven were seen and heard. White-throated Treecreeper were collecting insects on tree trunks and from holes in wooden fence droppers. Crimson Rosella and Kookaburras were calling. Black Duck and Shelduck around dams in the neighbouring paddock completed the bird list.


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