Enfield State Park

Enfield State Park is one of the largest conservation reserves in the region. Several unsealed,  all-weather roads transect the area and provide scenic drives particularly in spring.


25 km south of Ballarat on the Colac-Ballarat Road C146. VicRoads 76 E6. Turn right into Misery Creek Road and proceed approximately 3 km to Surface Point picnic area. It is also accesslibe from the Sebastopol-Smythesdale Road by turning left into State Forest Road.


Parks Victoria brochure, barbecues, tables, toilets; camping is allowed for short periods but you need to bring your own water. Firewood also may be in short supply and fires may only be lit in the facilities provided.

 The park features a number of walks of varying distances. Experienced walkers with navigational skills can bush camp overnight at Frith Gully. There are no facilities here, and only fuel stoves are permitted. No vehicular tracks occur in this area.

The Woady Yalloak Goldfield Water Race Walking Trails start off State Forest Raod.


Eucalypts to be found include Narrow-leaved Peppermint, Broad-leaved Peppermint, Manna Gum, Swamp Gum and the less common Yarra Gum. Spring is the best time to see an abundance of wildflowers. Over 70 species of orchid have been found in the park. The Enfield Grevillea (endemic to the area), Golden Bush-pea, Common Correa (red-flowered form), and Common Heath are just some of the plants to be found.

Enfield Grevillea, Grevillea bedggoodiana. © FNCB 2011

Large Tongue Orchid, Cryptostylis subulata. Flowers December-January © FNCB 2011


Close to 100 bird species have been recorded. Some of the more common ones include Scarlet Robin, Yellow Robin, Crimson Rosella, White-eared Honeyeater, Eastern Spinebill, Rufous Whistler and Superb Fairy-Wren. There are 22 native mammal species recorded; Koala, Swamp Wallaby, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, and Short-beaked Echidna can be seen through the day, while a spotlighting expedition might reveal several species of possum, bat and antechinus.


The park is underlain by Ordovician sediments which have been deeply disected by Misery Creek and its tributaries. Specks of gold can be found panning in the creeks.

Historical Information

The area was extensively mined during the gold mining era of the 1850s and 1860s. Surface Point was the site of a Chinese settlement and their round mine shafts are still to be found. Remnants of smelting works, mining dams and water races can be found.


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  1. John, think that these places to visit reports are great, wonder if anyone knows how to link in a google map of the area? or could we add a link to a dnre or state park map as they are all on line now?

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