Willie Wagtail at Dowling Forest Cemetery

Willie Wagtail at Dowling Forest Cemetery © FNCB 2011

Last Monday I stopped in at Dowling Forest Cemetery on the Sunraysia Highway near Miners Rest, to check out what was happening since the ecological burn a few months ago. There was a willie wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) hunting for insects around the headstones. In the background is a patch of kangaroo grass that wasn’t burnt. This cemetery is a great example of somewhere close to Ballarat to see  a native grassland providing habitat for native fauna. In the spring there will be a lot of wildflowers as it is a few years since the area has been burnt.


2 responses to “Willie Wagtail at Dowling Forest Cemetery

  1. I have not called in there for a while. The kangaroo grass looks thick; how did the burn go? Good to see we are getting some reports on the site.

  2. The burn went really well even though it was late in the season and there should be good spring flowering. The part that did not get burnt will make a good comparison plot.

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